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Sheffield & South Yorkshire Massage Listings

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Arabian Nites
Call 01302 888 404 Doncaster M18 J4. Punternet Field Report Sasha; Tony

Bamboo Rooms
Call 0114 243 5255/0778 603 6235.  Advertised as "Oriental beauties"

Beautiful bi Blonde
Call 0794 496 5427

Blonde Sisters
Call 0779 062 1085

Call 0114 275 5219/0702 1114588 City Centre 24 Hrs. Punternet Field Reports Nina; Danielle; Moss; Dee.

Call 0114 255 3583 Heeley/Gleadless. Punternet Field Reports Amara; Hannah; Maxine; Holly; Kimberly; Lee; Melissa; Donna 3FRs FR, FR, FR; Sam; Sarah; Tanya; Abbey 2FR FR, FR; Lisa; Louise; Roxanne 2FR FR, FR; Melissa; Lucy; Katrina; Becky

Call 0780 278 8975 MI.

Club 160
Call 0114 2754 472. Punternet Field Reports Sasha; Kelly; Amber; Sharnna. Sheffield FR Sue & Louise, Beth 2FR FR, FR; Katie 2FR FR, FR; Sarah; Emma; Kerry; Kelly; Sasha; Shelley; Kim; Erica; Gigi; Amber; Raylene; Carla

Crystal Suite 
Call 0114 275 2977. Neepsend. Steam room - sauna - adult videos - Jacuzzi. Open 7 days a week. Open from 10.00 AM until late. Punternet Field Reports Lauren; Nikki; Christine; Kez; Sharon; Bella

Daniel House
Call 01302 368 400/ 739578 Doncaster 7 Days. Safe rear entrance with car parking. Punternet Field Reports Danni; Destiny 4FR FR, FR, FR, FR; Lisa; Raven 3FR FR, FR, FR; Nicole 2FR FR, FR

Daytime Desire Call 0114 2507198/ 07788900613 Jodi- Exotic young Beauty 

Denise, Tina, Louisa
Call 0114-275-2585 Stafford Road. £20 inclusive. Punternet field reports Denise 2FR FR, FR; Tina 2FR FR, FR; Louise 2 FR FR, FR, Linda.

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0114 250 0077 Chesterfield Road. Entrance fee £5.00, £25.00 inclusive. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday. No appointment needed. Opening hours are 11am, the last caller is at 7pm. Punternet Field Reports Ebony; Summer; Sasha; Katie; Claire

Executive Suite
Call 01226 248 500. Barnsley. Punternet Field Reports Santana; Anne; Louise; Kelly 2FR FR, FR; Abbey. Sheffield Scene FR Kelly

Call 0114 244 3853 Attercliffe. Erotic massage + fantasies catered for. Uniforms also available. The basic price is £20 for a very quick full service, but longer appointments are available. Open 10am - 8.30pm. Punternet field reports Joanne 3FR FR, FR, FR; Danielle 4FR FR, FR, FR, FRRachel; Tanya.

First Class 
Call 0114 244 5403 Attercliffe. Private mirrored rooms with shower. Ladies friendly and personable Excellent vfm - £25.00 inc. Body to body massage. There open 10.00 AM to 8.00 P.M. Punternet Field Reports Nina 2FR FR, FR; Laura 3FR FR, FR, FR; Stacey; Julie; Cheryl.

Formerly Chloe's 
Call 0114 250 9557 Advertises  as total relaxation, off london road. Punternet FR Rachel

Geisha House
Call 0797 154 8022.


Call 0114 244 6047. 778 Attercliffe Road, VERY near Don Valley stadium. Rates are £40-£45 all inclusive service. FR's on Punternet field reports Viki; Jody 2FR FR, FR; Anna 2FR FR, FR

Gems2 (Peaches)
Call 0114 261 1845. 73A Darnall Road near to Don Valley Stadium. Sheffield Scene field report Ellie

Honeypot & Exclusive 
Call 0114 242 0781 Attercliffe - Nr Don Valley Stadium. Access from Worksop Road (across from Vixens and close to Gems) Clean well furnished flat. Four poster bed with mirrors. Open Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm. Rates are £45 for all inclusive service. Punternet Field Reports Mistress Stella; Mistress Stella & Schoolgirl Gypsy; Jessica; Lauren: Jenny

Call 07765 666407. Punternet Field Reports FR, FR

Call 0788 075 8774. Advertised as "Attractive Blonde, private VIP massage" £25. Punternet field report FR.


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Call 0114 250 9557.
(Just off London Road) MON-FRI 10am to 8pm SAT-SUN 10am to 6pm
Easy parking. Very discreet with Passage way entrance. No appointment necessary.
Kittens offer a wide range of services, including specialist services/ Corrective & Domination to a very high standard, and we have a well equipped corrective/domination chamber located in our basement.
Costumes & Uniforms available. A wide range of adult movies in all our rooms. A beutiful video lounge for you to relax in.Clean shower facilities available.
A no rush policy. Discretion Assured. Punternet fr for Sadie

Lizzy's, formerly Attractions 
Call 0114 263 4148 Advertises as "Pretty and Curvaceous Girls". Punternet Field Reports Vanessa 2FR FR, FR; Lisa; Debbie 2FR FR, FR

Call 07931 977 588. Barnsley parlour on Dodworth Road. £30 for personal service.

Million Crystals
Call 07929 284801. Near Crystal Peaks, with Kay, Millie and Crystal.   Punternet Field Report for Millie 

Call 0114 270 0794 City Road, Formerly Zoe's, 202. 10.30am -9.00pm. Punternet Field Reports Nicky; Sarah 3FR FR, FR, FR; Jade 2FR FR, FR; Roxanne; Jade & Lizzy Amy & Kat. Sheffield Scene FR Chantelle Latest FR for Amy and Kat

Call 0114 233 3099 Wadsley Bridge Thai Ladies - Expensive!  Massage and Spa Bath. Open 7 days - 11am - 11pm.

Call 0114 244 2882 Attercliffe FRs on Punternet Field Reports: Rachel; Samantha; Tanya, Tanya; Natalie FR, FR, FR, FR, FR, FR, FR; Plus 2FR for domination Tanya, Tanya; 3FRs for domination by Tanya & Natalie FR, FR, FR   

Your Place or Ours
Call 07971 548 022

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If you have recently been in touch with any of the providers listed below, please let us know if the information is up to date.  Thank you.
/board/ or email 

Call 0776 6592 112. Advertises as "19 years old, genuine stunner.

Call 0779 245 2244. Punternet FR, FR

Beautiful Lady
Call 0778 079 8942. Appointments only

Black Beauty
Call 0796 867 4090

Call 0771 443 321. Advertises as "Mature Private Massage"

Call 0777 982 8239. Punternet Field Reports FR, FR, FR, FR

Mature Ladies Chesterfield 
Call 07977 620417 Punternet Field Reports. Tammy 3FRs FR, FR, FR; Sadie; Debbie & Tammy FR

Call 0790 5733 508. Doncaster based. Punternet FR

Call 0774 820 5738. Promises to kiss your stress goodbye. Punternet field reports FR, FR

Caribbean Lady 
Call 0788 1994 931.

Mature Massage 
Call 0771 196 6075. Advertise as "Attractive and Private".

Call 0796 730 8744. Advertised as "Executive lady for business gents"

Call 0795 088 9431. Incall service. Monday to Friday 9.30am-3.00pm Sandra's rates are £35 for half hour & £50 for a full hour.


Call 0798 013 3451 Advertises "Private and Friendly".

Call 07946 834894. Doncaster based at Town Moor Area. Punternet FR.


Call 0114 273 0606.

Call 0787 866 579.


Call 07960 486 874.

Call 0779 666 0071 Advertises as "Stunning Blonde".

Call 07946 306268 Mature, blonde and petite is now back in Sheffield, ex Stafford Road, Town Street and Fir Vale. Advertised as "caters for all tastes." Tracy's Puternet FRs FR, FR, FR, FR, FR


Call 0114 256 0050.


Call 0796 730 8744. Advertised as "21 years old, Latin".

Call 07931 977588. Located in Barnsley town centre. Read Pam's Punternet Field Reports FR, FR, FR, FR, FR, FR, FR, FR.

Call 0790 358 9487 Advertises as "Gorgeous Blonde Mon - Fri". Punternet FR, FR

Call 07932 751 229. Advertises as "22 years old, voluptuous classy lady.

Call 0774 5944 895 Advertises as "Young Attractive Blonde". North Street Doncaster. Punternet FR


Call 0778 881 7770. 

If you can you still get hold of these providers, let Sheffield Scene know

Turkish Delight
Call 07967 308 744. Massage and Spa Bath. Open 7 days - 11am - 11pm.

"Closed a long time ago. Private line now" (May 2005)


Call 0114 256 0050. Sauna and Spa. Open 10am -10pm Barnsley Road - between The Wicker and NGH.
"Phone number not in use" (May 2005)

Blonde Babes
Call 0796 033 9578. Advertised as "18/19 yo blondes
"We are not able to connect your call. Please redial."  (May 2005)

Call 0771 544 3321 Advertised as "Private massage exec's only"

"The number you have called has not been recognised" (May 2005)

disconnected number Unique
Call 0114 258 4988. Advertised as "A cut above the rest" Open 7 days.

disconnected number
Call 0114 261 9459.

disconnected number  Jamie 
Call 0114 279 8765. Advertised as "Classy Lady"

disconnected number Nicole's 
Call 0114 253 0340. Punternet Field Reports Tiffany 2FR FR, FR.

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